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    Traxxas 1275 Traxxas Fast Motor Stinger 20T 20-Turn

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      Purchase Traxxas 1275 Traxxas Fast Motor Stinger 20T 20-Turn

      Traxxas 1275 Traxxas Fast Motor Stinger 20T 20-Turn

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      Stingerâ„¢ Performance Motor

      Powerful, Stinger 20-turn modified motor, 30% faster than the typical stock motor!

      A "20-turn" single (which is the designation of the Stinger motor) indicates that a single thickness of wire is wound 20 times around the armature of the electric motor. The less times the wire is wound; the faster the motor will go.

      The thickness of wire around the armature determines how much torque the motor puts out. So, a 20-turn double would provide more torque than the 20-turn single. Remember, a more modified motor must be geared properly in order to achieve its maximum performance and may also eat up your battery causing you to have shorter run times.

      The Stinger motor is a mild modified motor that gives you a lot of speed and still gives you around 6-10 minutes of run time, depending on how you have your car set-up and what kind of batteries you are using.

      This is a Stock part for the:

      1/10 Stampede 2wd (Mechanical Speed Control)

      Blast Boat

      This is an Optional part for:

      1/10 Bandit XL-5

      1/10 Monster Jam Trucks

      1/10 Stampede 2wd XL-5

      1/10 Rustler XL-5


      20 Turn high performance 540 motor

      Pre-installed bullet motor leads

      Stock motor (non-adjustable timing)

      Two pre-installed capacitors


      One (1) motor.


      Nothing.  This is a direct replacement motor.


      Motor shaft diameter: 1/8"

      Number of turns: 20