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Traxxas TRA5414 Center Diff/Differential Kit: Revo 3.3 & 2.5

Traxxas TRA5414 Center Diff/Differential Kit: Revo 3.3 & 2.5

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This is the Center Differential Kit from Traxxas.

This is a Stock part for:

1/10 Revo 3.3 (5308)

This is an Optional part for:

1/10 Revo 3.3 (5309)

  • Direct drop-in for the Revo 3.3 (standard chassis Revos require the Accessory Rear Output Shaft, Traxxas 5416)
  • Work with forward-only conversion (Traxxs 5394X)
  • Transfers power to the front and rear differentials independently
  • Sealed center differential is adjustable using various oil viscosities
  • Comes fully assembled with 100K oil
The optional center differential can be installed on Revo 2.5R* or 3.3 to help balance the distribution of power to reduce front end lift on acceleration and improve steering responsiveness. Requires forward-only conversion (included). *Requires short-rear output shaft, part #5416, for use with Revo 2.5R standard chassis. Designed to work in conjunction with the Revo rear brake kit (part 5417). Rear output shaft is long to accept rear brake kit. Standard length revo chassis will requires either modification or short output shaft (part 5416).


One (1) Center Differential Kit