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Traxxas Original Equipment Parts

Traxxas TRA5245 Blue Molded Tuned Pipe Coupler & Exhaust Deflector: Revo & Jato

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This is the Blue Tune Pipe Coupler and Exhaust Deflector set from Traxxas.

This is a Stock part for:

1/10 Revo 3.3 (5308)
1/10 Revo 3.3 (5309)
1/10 Jato 3.3 (5507)
1/10 Slayer Pro 4x4 (5907)

This is an Optional part for:

1/10 Slayer 2wd (5908)
  • Silicone construction
  • Blue in color
  • Connects Exhaust Header and the Tune Pipe.  

One (1) Tune Pipe Coupler
One (1) Exhaust Deflector
One (1) Short Tie-Strap
Two (2) Long Tie-Straps

Coupler Length: 24mm (.95")
Coupler Inner Diameter, Large: 14mm (.55")
Coupler Inner Diameter, Small: 13mm (.51")
Coupler Outer Diameter, Large: 25mm (.98")
Coupler Outer Diameter, Small: 22mm (.87")
Deflector Length: 61mm (2.4")
Deflector Inner Diameter, Small: 8mm (.32")
Deflector Inner Diameter, Large: 10mm (.40")
Deflector Outer Diameter, Small: 11mm (.44")
Deflector Outer Diameter, Large: 14mm (.55")
If you need the Tune Pipe (Traxxas 5342) or the Header (Traxxas 5340) you can find them at our store, HopMeUp!