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Traxxas TRA5209R TRX 2.5R Recoil Pull-Start Engine: Multi-Shaft

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<body><span style="font-weight: bold;">This is Traxxas's TRX 2.5 Engine with Pull-Start and Two Different Crankshafts. </span><br /> <br /> <span style="font-weight: bold;">Features:</span><br /> <ul> <li>60% More Power that the TRX Pro .15 engine!</li> <li>Loaded with advanced features Free Flowing Rear Exhaust</li> <li>Innovative Porting only found on the most exotic racing engines</li> <li>Unique Composite Slide Carb provides less restrictive, straight through airflow for more power and better throttle response</li> <li>Exhaust Header features an extra-tough, finned mounting base that dissipates heat and is sealed with a reliable O-ring gasket</li> <li>Molded head proctector prevents damage to the head and secures the glow plug wire</li> <li>Innovative cast cylinder head is engineered for the most heat reduction possible.</li> <li>Tubular header features smooth, rounded bends to eliminate exhaust flow restriction and turbulence</li> <li>Ultra-low restriction air filter provides superior air flow and filtration for more power and a long engine life</li> <li>Offset wrist pin further reduces piston slide loading for more even cylinder wear, and longer engine life</li> <li>Shares the same mounting dimension as the OS 12-15 CV Series recoil engines</li> <li>2.5 Cubic Centimeter Displacement (1.5 Cubinc Inch Displacement)</li> <li>IPS (Integrated Pilot Shaft)</li> <li>90 degree air filter (includes base for upright mounting) </li> <li>Two Crankshafts of Different Lengths: 25mm and 15mm</li> <li>22 chapter Engine Set-up DVD </li> <li>Pull-Start<br /></li> </ul> <span style="font-weight: bold;">Includes:</span><br /> <br /> One (1) Engine<br /> One (1) 25mm Crankshaft End<br /> One (1) 15mm Crankshaft End<br /> One (1) Air Filter<br /> One (1) Engine Set-up DVD <br /> One (1) Owners Manual<br /> One (1) Bottle of Air Filter Oil <br /> One (1) Decal sheet <br />  <br /> <span style="font-weight: bold;">Requires:<br /> <br /> </span>Muffler (exhaust system) depending on vehicle <br /> Starting equipment <br /> Traxxas 10-20% "Top Fuel" nitro fue<br />  <br /> <span style="font-weight: bold;">Specifications:<br /> </span><br /> Displacement: 0.15 cu in (2.49cc) <br /> Crankshaft Thread: 5mm (.197") <br /> On-Center Mounting Holes, Front to Rear: 11mm (.433") <br /> On-Center Mounting Holes, Side to Side: 31.4mm (1.24") <br /> Back of engine (recoil) to front of drive washer: 73.2mm (2.88") <br /> Height: 97.3mm (3.83") <br /> Exhaust Port Inner Diameter: 9.9mm (.392") <br /> Exhaust Port Outer Diameter: 13.0mm (.512") <br /> Crankshaft Ends: One is  25mm and the other is 15mm<br /></body>