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Traxxas Original Equipment Parts

Traxxas TRA5174 Chrome Split-Spoke SS Wheels/Talon Tires (2) 3.8" 14mm Hex Hub

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This is a set of Talon Tires on Chrome Split Spoke Wheels from Traxxas.

This is a Stock part for:

1/10 T-Maxx 3.3 (4909)

This is an Optional part for:

1/10 E-Maxx EVX2 (3903)
1/10 E-Maxx Mamba (3908)
1/10 T-Maxx 3.3 (4907)
1/10 T-Maxx 3.3 (4908)
1/10 T-Maxx 2.5 (4910)
1/10 Revo 3.3 (5308)
1/10 Revo 3.3 (5309)
1/10 E-Revo EVX2 (5603)
1/10 E-Revo EVX2 (5605)
1/10 Summit (5607)
1/10 E-Revo Mamba (5608)

  • Split-Spoke Chrome Plated Plastic Wheel
  • 14mm Hub
  • Talon Tires are made of Soft Rubber Compound
  • Off-Road Tread
  • Foam Inserts in the Tires
  • Tires are Mounted on the Wheels and ready for use
The Talon's unique tread pattern pattern and soft compound rubber delivers excellent grip on a variety of surfaces from pavement to off-road. The outside diameter is the same as a stock Maxx tire but the larger 3.8" wheel diameter provides responsive handling with the low profile sidewall. Match foam inserts are included. Available as assembled and pre-glued with installed foam inserts on Gemini and Split-Spoke rims in a variety of finishes


Two (2) Wheels with Tires

Width: 3.4" (86mm)
Tire Outer Diameter: 5.75" (146mm)
Mounting Hex: 14mm