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Traxxas TRA4981X Differential/Diff Spool: T-Maxx 2.5R 2.5 .15

Traxxas TRA4981X Differential/Diff Spool: T-Maxx 2.5R 2.5 .15

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This is the Optional Hop-Up Differential Spool for the Traxxas:


This is located in the bulkhead and eliminates the differential .. This part is recommended for off-road use only, or drag racing, but this is not recommended for other uses on pavement or grippy surfaces.

This differential spool replaces the rear differential gear. The spool locks the axle, providing equal power to both wheels no matter what the truck drives over. If you’re building a T-Maxx for straight-line sand drags, hill climbing or pulling, you can replace the rear differential with a spool for increased 2WD traction.

  • Metal construction
  • Black in color.

INCLUDES:  One (1) differential spool.