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Traxxas TRA1529X Prop/Propeller Shaft: Villain EX & Blast

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This is a Propeller Shaft Assembly from Traxxas.
This is an Optional part for:

Blast Boat (3810)
Villain Boat (1502)


For 3/16" Inner Diameter Propellers

The 1529X prop shaft uses a 4mm shaft with a drive dog and 3/16 threads to install aftermarket beryllium or aluminum props. Typical aftermarket props from manufacturers such as Octura, Graupner, and Prather use the standard 3/16 thread size for props that will fit the Nitro Vee. Two of these are required for the Villain IV and Villain EX. Also works great on the Blast anad Nitro Vee (only one required).  


One (1) Propeller Shaft
One (1) U-Joint
One (1) 3x4mm Set Screw
Two (2) 4mm Diameter Spacers
One (1) 3/16" Locknut