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RPM 81167 Pink Wide Front Bumper: Traxxas Stampede 2wd, Rustler, Bandit VXL/XL-5

RPM 81167 Pink Wide Front Bumper: Traxxas Stampede 2wd, Rustler, Bandit VXL/XL-5

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This is the protective heavy duty Wide Front Bumper for many Traxxas 2wd trucks!!

This fits the following Electric and Nitro vehicle:
Rustler VXL
Stampede VXL
Bandit VXL
Electric Rustler
Electric Stampede
Electric Bandit
Nitro Sport
Nitro Rustler
Nitro Stampede

The Bumper goes on the Front of the Vehicle and Protects the Chassis from very hard and VER expensive hard knocks!!! ... this is a GREAT investment!!

Durable Nylon-reinforced Construction!!

Give that Traxxas Nitro or Electric Rustler, Stampede, Nitro Sport or Bandit added protection with the all new RPM wide front bumper. This new bumper stands six inches wide and adds an extra 1-1/2" worth of bulletproof, RPM protection to the front end of the vehicle. RPM designed this bumper with the backyard basher in mind by making it with our guaranteed unbreakable blend of nylons and is molded in black to give it that stock-looking appearance, or in optional blue for a more contrasting appearance. These bumpers will help reduce front end damage during head on collisions with curbs, trees, etc.! Nothing surpasses the protection gained when your Traxxas vehicle is protected with an RPM wide front bumper!

SPECS: Length: 2-3/4" ...Width: 6-1/8".

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