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RPM 80212 Front Right Suspension A-Arms Black: Traxxas 1/10 Revo 2.5 & 3.3

RPM 80212 Front Right Suspension A-Arms Black: Traxxas 1/10 Revo 2.5 & 3.3

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These nylon reinforced A-arms from RPM add incredible durability to the Traxxas Revo 2.5, 2.5R & 3.3, without adding weight!

The new arms are nearly identical in weight to the stock arms, but have been redesigned for more durability, longer life, and less dirt build-up. The shock rod mounting area has been increased for improved rigidity.

This is a set of RPM Black Front Upper and Lower RIGHT A-Arms for the Traxxas Revo.

  • Constructed of composite nylon
  • Angled leading and trailing edges eliminate dirt build-up
  • No excessive A-arm endplay for more accurate caster and toe angle settings
  • Large shock rod mounting areas for improved rigidity


One (1) Front Upper Right

One (1) Front Lower Right A-Arm

One (1) 16mm shock mounting screw.


UPPER:  Length: 4.9" (124mm) ..Width: 2.5" (63mm).

LOWER:  Length 5.9'' (149mm) .. Width 2.8" (72mm).

Also find the LEFT front arms and the rear arms in the REVO CATEGORY in our store: HopMeUp!!



Here is a guide to RPM REVO Arms:

RPM 80195 ... BLUE REAR Left or Right
RPM 80215 ... BLUE FRONT Right
RPM 80225 ... BLUE FRONT Left

RPM 80192 ... BLACK REAR Left or Right
RPM 80212 ... BLACK FRONT Right
RPM 80222 ... BLACK FRONT Left

RPM 80191 ... DYEABLE REAR Left or Right
RPM 80211 ... DYEABLE FRONT Right
RPM 80221 ... DYEABLE FRONT Left